October 12, 2011


Every night I venture into dream world,
Ready to break you,
Ready to kill you.
Destruction is upon us.

But sometimes, I just chill in darkness,
Not caring,
Just chilling.

And every so often, we laugh.
We play.
And we dream.
Yes, we dream in a dream,
Because our thoughts are fantastic.

We make love.
We fight.
Both at the same time.

Deal with the improbable.
Do the impossible.
Wingless flight.
Ascent, too.

Swimming in water,
No gills allowed,
No drowning either.

Take great falls,
Land on our ass,
And laugh at it.

Pain doesn't exist.
I eat nightmares.
I slay monsters.
I murder murders.
I am the police.

It's fun and fun only.
It's all fun and games,
Until my subconscious kills you,
And my heart reacts,
Doubling its rate,
And jolting me out of dream world.

And I'm in a new darkness,
Wondering what happened.
Wondering if it was true.

No, it was just a dream.
Just a dream, I tell myself.
But the tear tricking down my eye
Doesn't believe it
Because it seen it.

It saw what it wanted to see.
It saw the message.
A painful one, too.
And it wonders...

Was it a dream?
Or is that how I really feel?

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