October 28, 2011

November 1st is Going to be Intense...


Well, two things:

1) Sonic Generations is being released.
2) NaNoWriMo begins!

So with Sonic Generations being released, it's pretty much a given that it's going to be played and beaten in a day, just like Sonic Colors was. Well, most of you actually have no idea that Sonic Colors was beaten in a day, but yeah. I'm relatively sure that this game is going to be shorter than Sonic Colors, but it will be awesome regardless.

I'm also going to have to throw up a review of the game. I can already see it now... Game's awesome, but shit. It's too short.

And then there's NaNoWriMo. The beginning of a quest to write a book containing 50,000 words. That means about 1,700 words a day. And I have a feeling that this first day is going to have an intense chapter or two to start off, because I'm pretty much just going to go off and allow my many frustrations of work and otherwise let loose...

It's going to be awesome.

I see great things for this day. Great things.

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