October 12, 2011

power walk.

oh, i got an idea.
watch me.
power walk.
through the roof.
on the path.
billions of dollars.
we spend.
year after year.
on things that don't exist.
must be priceless,
but probably worthless,
since when you look at me,
you see not enough.

that's fine.
i'll walk.
walk with power.
a power you can't see.
top tier baby.
genji jin.
custom combo.
over 9000.

i aint get that many yet.
at this rate.
it'll take 5 years.
but this rate
lacks power
and i'm power walking
to my final destination.
gonna plank,
and run up the numbers
and run down the blood,
are you cold yet?
see if i care,
put on your hoodies.
i'll power walk to the heat.
the fire.
the lava.
the magma.
the sun.
through the roof
and to the moon,
follow the light,
and buuuuuurn.

get electric,
get versatile,
get flexible,
get sexy.

get money.
get bitches.
get goals.
get everything.

get greedy.
get gluttony.
get lust.
get pride.

fuck pure.
it's gonna get me nowhere,
except where i wanna be,
but i just gotta believe.

and in that case,
with the belief
of victory in purity
despite the victory of sin,
i power walk.
in my own direction.

and like, it happens,
when i look in another direction,
and veer off my sidewalk,
into the street
dodging traffic,
watch out for that truck,
it'll kill you.

it's inertia,
it's momentum,
it's size.
it says die.

but i lay under it.
it'll never see me.
never touch me.

and i'll survive.
get back up.
dodging more cars,
back to my sidewalk,
and power walk.

left foot right foot.
arms swaying.
head held high.
chest out.
oops, i stumbled.

catch my balance?
hit the floor.
face first.
get back up.
sing it.
we fall down,
but we get up.

and i'm on my ffffffffffffffffffffffffffeet again.
looking at the past.
looking at the present.
looking at the future.
what can i control?
as much as you want to believe you can control
cause the mind is a powerful tool
and only when you contain yourself
can you unleash yourself,
but if you allow others to maintain you,
you get manipulated.

write letters.
rush doorways.
break balls.
show the boss who's boss.

cross the intersection.
a red light has to show up eventually.

stop everything.
and smile.

smile confidently.
let them know you rock.
let them know you know you rock.
let them know you know they know you rock.
let them know you know they know you know you rock.

and toss rocks at 'em
when they try to get you.

cause you best mayne.
you diiiid it.

power walk.

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