July 2, 2012

A Random Adventure Within My Mind Part 4

"Do you see him?" Ace asked.

"No, boss, not at all."

"Well, look for him! He doesn't fly anymore, so he couldn't have gotten far! Find him and kill him!"

Marko looked just out the alley, and he saw the motorcyclists were beginning to regroup and recover from his flying Bazooka Blast off the ramp move. Marko kept his movements stealthy and quiet as he found his way into a nearby building. There didn't seem to be security around, and Marko figured that they were either trying to figure out what was going on outside with the flying motorcycles or had evacuated the building due to all the bombs that had been going off throughout the city. He had easy access to the elevator, so when it opened up, he went in and decided to head to the top floor.

You know, Marko thought, I was wondering why Untouchable X didn't make the grand entrance that I had clearly planned for them to make. And here they are, already in another fight. With classic RPJ screwing Convict shenanigans. Guess it's my turn to make the dramatic entrance. I just gotta figure out where they are.

Marko got to the top floor and looked around, trying to see if he could find some kind of access to the roof. He walked around the hallways for a bit, and he found a door that looked different from the others.

Maybe this leads to the roof.

The door was locked, so Marko Mega Kicked the door in, and it lead to a staircase that went up. Marko nodded as he headed up the stairs to find another door. This one was unlocked.

Marko stepped outside onto the roof. He immediately took to the edge of the building and looked, trying to see if he could find enough commotion that would signify where RPJ and Convict were. Suddenly, he heard something in the background, something that sounded like a computer beeping. Marko slowly turned around and he saw a red human-like figure playing with what looked like a bomb. He almost made a reaction that would have let the figure know of his presence, but he caught himself and kept quiet. He crept towards the figure with the intentions of stopping him and the bomb, but unfortunately, the figure turned around and saw him. The two looked at each other in silence, then the figure smiled and gave Marko a thumbs up. With that thumb, he made a cutthroat sign.

"Fuck. Blaze Dash!"

Marko Blaze Dashed away from the bomb as fast as he could, and sure enough, it exploded. He jumped from the edge of the building to another building using the momentum he got from the Blaze Dash and looked at the fiery blaze, shaking his head.

Something's not adding up here. And I have a feeling that the pointless fighting isn't helping. Still, I gotta find RPJ and-

"Well, well, if it isn't Marko Man."

An unknown voice interrupted Marko's thoughts. He turned around and saw a man wearing a king's outfit.

"Having trouble figuring out my plans?"


"Good. By the time you figure it out, it will be too late."

"Yeah, too late for you to do anything you thought you were going to do."

"Ha. You're a funny man, Marko. But your humor won't get you out of this. My plan... it's simple. So simple, you missed it. But it will get the job done. It will get me exactly where I want to be. And it will get you killed."

Another building exploded in the distance. Both of them looked at the flames.

"Another one. Up in flames. And you don't even know why. This is good stuff."

Marko looked at the king in silence.

"Well, I must be off now. This show is definitely amusing, but it's best watched from afar... so long Marko Man!"

The king flew off into the distance, leaving Marko to ponder what just happened and, perhaps more urgently, what was going to happen.

Naaaaah... I need to find Untouchable X.

to be continued...


This one, I actually did without music. And it shows... such a lack of action.
But it is a set up for quite a finale! I'm still not quite sure what the finale is going to be, but I have a good vision on how it's going down, and I would like to believe it's going to be epic. So stay tuned... there are about three or four parts left.

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