July 5, 2012

Not Quite Conquered Yet

I entered the battle over a year ago.
Some of the opponents, I have to scout and see what kind of opposition I was against.
In scouting the opposition, I had to personally eliminate some of them.
Others had pretty much shot themselves in the foot.

Over time, other warriors had entered the fray,
Attempting to take what every one wanted to take.
Unfortunately for their late arrival,
I had more than enough groundwork laid.

Traps from within, traps from without.
Special intel and abuse of said knowledge.
Sometimes, they stepped on their own mine.
Other times, I pressed a button and they disappeared.

And everyone that watched the battle from afar
Seemed to realize how much I wanted it.
I had a hunger in me, a passion in me,
Their encouragement proved to me that victory was mine.

And I had gotten to a point where the win was in my grasp.
I had destroyed everyone and everything.
I was literally at the end of it all.
I even dropped the biggest threat out the competition.

But with victory comes a price,
And it was a price that I already knew about.
It was a price that I tried to tally up before the risk of battle,
But my calculations were very incorrect.

And even though it had seemed like I had won everything,
There was already someone who had it conquered first,
And to defeat this conquistador was impossible,
Almost as though he won by birthright.

But it would be ridiculous to have come this far
And give up on the simple premise of a permanent winner...
A permanent winner that I already knew about...
A permanent winner that would keep me from being number one...

It was all in the initial calculations before I started the fight.
It was all apart of the hurdles I had to jump in my mind.
And even when I managed to access the risk,
The reality of the result still blows my mind.

But I'm not going to just leave, not after all the resources used.
I'm going to stay right here and patiently wait.
I will remain in front of the door of this castle.
And when the door opens, perhaps I will win the final battle.

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