July 26, 2012

A Random Adventure Within My Mind Part 8

As Convict stood, ready to confront Project, Marko looked behind him, seeing the rest of the team fighting against the undying army of foes. He looked back ahead and he saw Project walking towards them, with a bloody Jack and a bruised Ace with him at his side. Project and Convict had made eye contact, and apparently from that they both took each other as a challenge, so they both started to run towards each other. Project's steps were rumbling the ground, and the tremors caught Convict off guard, forcing him to stop and gain his balance. Project smile, then he lunged towards Convict to grab him. Convict managed to avoid the grab with a side step, and Project landed on the ground on his stomach just in front of Marko. He fired a Bazooka Blast in his face, which hurt him quite a bit, but not enough that Project didn't try to smash Marko with his huge hands while still on the ground. Marko avoided the attack, and then Project was getting pulled away from Marko by Convict. He tried to hoist Project over his shoulders, but Project turned over on his back, sat up, and punched Convict in his face, knocking him back quite a distance.

Convict's movement stopped when he found himself up against the wall of a building, and he saw Project getting up. Convict took a few steps forward, but Project took off running. He tried to punch Convict, but he avoided the punch and grabbed his huge arm, swung himself up to Project's face, and kicked him in his nose.  The kick made Project stumble a bit, but he stayed on his feet. Convict landed and punched Project's knee, but still he was on his feet. Convict continued to punch Project in his knee, but Project was still not getting knocked anywhere, and he was starting to get used to Convict's punches.

"You might as well be as weak as your friend," Project taunted. "Try some real strength!"

Project grabbed Convict and tossed him up in the air. Project jumped towards the airborne Convict, but Marko launched another Bazooka Blast that hit, messing up Project's concentration. With that distraction, Convict was able to grab Project's head around his neck and landed doing a Death Sentence, landing while slamming Project's face into the ground.

"Not gonna let you ruin this!" Ace said, pulling out his club. "Take this!"

He started to fire his lasers at Convict, and a few of the shots hit. This made Marko launched another Bazooka Blast, which Ace had to avoid. Convict turned his attention to Ace once he stopped shooting, but Project was getting back up. Marko noticed that Convict's attention was diverted from the bigger threat, so he ran, jumped, and Mega Kicked Project in the back of his head. Project turned around and tried to punch Marko, but the punch was dodged as Marko ran past Convict to attack Ace.

"Get the big fuck," Marko said. "I'll handle this dude. Mega Kick!"

Marko jumped towards Ace and connected a Mega Kick that knocked him to the ground as Convict turned around and ran towards Project. He jumped at Project and lead in with a shoulder charge at Project's chest, but Project hardly budged. He tried to grab Convict, but he knocked his hands away, jumped up again, and punched Project in his face. The punch stunned Project for a moment, which was enough for Convict to grab Project's arm and try to do some harm to him. Project was able to recover, however, took control of his arm, grabbed Convict, and sent him flying.

As Keisha was fighting off a motorcyclist, she noticed Convict flying out the corner of her eye. She used her hair and turned Convict's flight back around towards Project without him losing much momentum. Convict was now flying towards Project as Keisha decided to run towards Project. Convict used the flight to connect a mean flying punch in Project's face, which almost knocked him down. Project recovered and saw Convict land, but he didn't notice Keisha coming up on him from behind, and she used her hair to tie Project up. Project saw that he was begin tied up and he tried to fight out of it, but Convict was able to rush in and punch him in his legs as hard as he could. One punch was able to make Project collapse to one knee, and this gave Keisha the ability to lift Project into the air, then slam him into the ground. She was able to lift and slam Project in the air with her hair three more times before Project managed to get one hand free. Keisha tried to retract her hair, but Project had already grabbed her hair and reeled her in a bit. He swung Keisha into Convict, knocking him down, then he slammed Keisha into the ground.

"Ha! How do you like a dose of your own medicine? Not very healthy, is it?"

Cyron was blasting enemies when he heard the impact and heard Project's taunt. He turned around and he saw that Keisha was at Project's mercy, and this made him quite angry. He immediately turned his attention to Project, firing Bullet Cannon blasts at Project. The shots bothered him a bit, but he decided to use Keisha as a shield. Cyron analyzed that move before Project could do it, so he timed his last shot just perfectly so that when Project used Keisha as a shield, there were no more shots.

Cyron jumped over Keisha and hit Project with a Cannon Punch while maintaining flight. Project tried to punch him, but he dodged the attack and managed to fly around and connect another Cannon Punch. Project retaliated by swinging Keisha around like a weapon, but Cyron avoided her and fired at him with the Bullet Cannon. Project braced himself and swung Keisha around once more. This time Cyron grabbed Keisha and ended up landing on the ground. He upgraded his attack into a Heavy Bullet Cannon attack, and the blasts were connecting and doing more damage. Project tried to reel Keisha in to use her as a shield, but Cyron wasn't letting her go, so it only brought Cyron closer, which made the blasts closer and more numerous, which resulted in more damage for Project.

Project once again braced himself against the blasts, then he unleashed a mean punch that hit both Cyron and Keisha, sending them into a building through a wall. RPJ was fighting the forces when he heard them go through the building. He looked and all he saw was the dust from the resulting damage of Project's attack.

He's fucking huge, RPJ thought. Heh, that's what she said.

RPJ saw Convict running towards Project to attack him again, but Project turned around and delivered a back hand, sending Convict back where he ran from, making RPJ laugh.

That guy is pure comedy.

Project heard RPJ's laughter and turned his attention to him. This made RPJ stop laughing.

"Dude, I'm a tell you right now," RPJ said, "don't even bother attacking me."

RPJ's warning caught Project off guard.

"Am I supposed to be scared of you?" Project asked.

"You might as well be, because I'm about to show you a bad time. A very. Bad. Time."

"You're probably just as weak as the rest of them."

RPJ nodded, put his RPBat away, and walked towards Project with a angry expression on his face.

"Gonna fucking question me-"

Project threw a punch at RPJ, but he somersaulted under his fist and ended up behind him. RPJ jumped and hit him with a drop kick that almost sent Project to the ground on his face but he caught his balance. He turned around and saw RPJ walking towards him. He tried to grab him, but RPJ jumped on his huge arms and jumped off of them to deliver a spinning drop kick to Project's face, making him fall back a bit. RPJ landed and he continued to walk towards Project, who was growing more and more frustrated with RPJ's attack. He decided that he wouldn't attack this time, and would just wait and countered whatever RPJ was going to do.

RPJ looked at Project, noticing that he wasn't attacking anymore, so he went for Project's leg. Project moved his leg and tried to grab RPJ. RPJ blocked the grab and went for Project's arm. Project used his other hand to try and punch RPJ for trying to grab his arm. RPJ moved and temporarily had both of Project's hands in his grasp. Project opened his arms up, sure that he was would leave RPJ stunned, but RPJ released his hands before he opened his arms, so he left himself wide open.


Out of the blue, RPJ stepped into a Static Shock had a whole lot of extra pop on it, knocking Project down on his back.

"Fucking idiot," RPJ said. "You don't challenge me to a wrestling match. I know all your moves muthafucka!"

Marko quickly ran into the scene after handling Ace and Jack on his own.

"Wow, you dropped him," Marko said. "That's gonna be a hard act to follow."

"He ain't shit," RPJ declared. "I'll do it again, no problem."

Project was getting up from his attack as the rest of the team had finally recovered from their attacks and regrouped with Marko and RPJ. Just as Project got up on both his feet, King and his Queen appeared between Project and Team Ultimate out of thin air.

"This?" King said, waving his staff aimlessly. "All of this? It comes to an end. And becomes mine. Now."

to be continued...


Hmmmm... ain't got much to say at this point. 
August is right around the corner, so I do need to bring this to an end. 
And I do need to make this mine. 
I'll go into slightly more detail on that between now and Sunday. 
For now... all I'm saying is... the end is near.

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