July 11, 2012

A Random Adventure Within My Mind Part 5


"King, what's up?"

"I located Marko Man. He headed towards the other two. When those three get together they will do some harm. I need you to squad your men up and head for the location I just sent you now."

"No problem King. They won't make it out alive, that's for sure."

"I know. I'm converging all forces there. You'll have more than enough back up. Still, don't waste time. Eliminate them."

"Got it."

It's that awkward moment where you regret feeding into your own jokes, RPJ thought as he fought off random black scarf wearing bandits. But I think it's real bad that if I had a chance to do it all over again, I'd probably do the exact same thing.

RPJ was fighting off the bandits mostly with quick strikes, punches and kicks, and keeping his general grapples to a minimum because the bandits were plenty and they were moving quickly. He was trying to get to his partner Convict, who he had thrown to the wolves as a typical Untouchable X joke, but things had abruptly gotten serious with the added backup that the bandits received, and now they were in a mess.

RPJ continued to battle through the waves of bandits, but didn't seem to be having much luck in terms of movement, and he hadn't seen Convict in a long enough time that it actually had him worried. His punches started to have more punch in them, his kicks had more kick, but he still wasn't able to get where he needed to be.

"Fuck this."

RPJ pulled out his RPBat, and he started swinging, partially out of frustration, partially out of desperation. He needed to find Convict and figure out if he was okay.

Suddenly, a bunch of bandit went flying in his direction, and RPJ used his RPBat to defend against them. The weren't flying towards him on their own will, however, and RPJ realized this when he saw Convict standing up with an angry, yet dazed look on his face.

He's in his concussed state now. RPJ thought. I need him to be fully conscious damn it!

Convict looked around, and he started to aimlessly attack the bandits with brute force. Haymakers and clotheslines were sent in every direction to try and take the out the bandits. While Convict was definitely suffering from a concussion, it made him a much more dangerous fighter to contend with. However, it also made it virtually impossible for RPJ to run any team maneuvers him, as he was basically running on auto-pilot with the single tracked mind of taking out all potential threats.

RPJ simply kept close to Convict, backing him up, as he was taking down the brunt of the bandits at this point, but they really weren't showing signs of backing down any time soon. As Convict and RPJ kept knocking them down, they kept coming.

With this madness, I guess it's a good thing I called for extra backup. I just wish they'd hurry up...

"Bazooka Blast!"

Suddenly, there was a huge explosion just in front of Convict. A bunch of bandits go down, and the smoke clears, giving them space to finally breath for a moment.

"Mega Kick!"

From the air, Marko Man drops onto the scene, dropping a Mega Kick on a bandit that was trying to attack RPJ from behind. The attack connects, knocking that bandit out, and he keeps moving, attacking a wave of bandits that were trying to attack RPJ and Convict from behind.

"Blaze Dash!"

Marko used Blaze Dash to run into a few bandits, and used Blaze Dash to find a clearing.

"Bazooka Blast!"

Marko launched another Bazooka Blast to clear out more space and take down more bandits. Marko looked, and he had a bit of space for now to rally up with RPJ and Convict.

"So, he's concussed?" Marko asked.

"You know it," RPJ replied.

"Nothing new. What's the situation like over here?"

"A complete mess. It kinda makes me regret trying to bring Untouchable X back. You may have been able to take them out, but there's more."

"You don't even know... but the real problem is... I don't think I even know."

"Well then it's a good thing-"

RPJ was interrupted by a bandit attacking him from behind. Marko looked and saw that Convict was under attack. He was about to attack the bandits that were attacking Untouchable X, but he just knew that there was a bandit coming for him, so he turned around and dodged a punch that was aimed for his head. He countered with a knee, but he had back up to dodge the three bandits that jumped over the one that tried to punch him in his face, and countered with a Megodoken to at least stall. Marko took a quick glimpse and saw that RPJ and Convict were still taking damage, so he Blaze Dashed into one of the bandits that were focused on him, then he Blaze Dashed into one of the bandits that were attacking Convict. This freed Convict up, and from that, Convict delivered an insane punch that sent a bandit flying into another bandit, which sent them flying into Marko, knocking him down as well.

Convict kept attacking aimlessly and without much strategy, while RPJ was still struggling to turn back into a threat. Marko pushed the bandits off of him and got up, then he ran towards RPJ, Mega Kicking any bandits that were foolish enough to get in his way. Once he was close to RPJ and the bandits that attacked him, he grabbed them and punched them in the face, one by one. When RPJ was cleared of the bandits, he told Marko to duck, and as he ducked, he swung the bat and clobbered a bandit in his face with a swing of his RPBat. Marko returned to an upright position, only to see bandits coming from behind RPJ. He jumped over RPJ and Mega Kicked three bandits with one motion, then he landed and fired a Megodoken at the remaining one. RPJ pointed behind Marko, so he side stepped a bandit that was trying to kick him as RPJ tossed hit bat at that bandits head. RPJ caught the RPBat as it returned to him as both he and Marko saw bandits coming towards them.

"Bazooka Blast!"

Marko aimed the Bazooka Blast at RPJ, who redirected the blast at the oncoming bandits with a perfect swing of his RPBat. The Solo Shot'd Bazooka Blast hit one bandit and exploded with a large enough explosion to take down the rest of them. Through the smoke, more bandits started flying as though they were being tossed. Sure enough, through the smoke emerged Convict, picking up bandits and launching them any which way.

The three had cleared enough space to finally unite, but the bandits weren't ready to call it quits.

"Where does this guy get so many disposable minions from?" RPJ asked.

"I don't know," Marko said, "but just fighting them is clearly getting us nowhere."

The bandits started to surround Marko, RPJ, and Convict. The three weren't tired, but they weren't fresh, but they weren't about to give up.

"So then I guess we'll have to help you out," a voice from the air said.

Marko, RPJ, and Convict looked up, and they saw their old buddies Cyron and Keisha. Keisha landed from flying on Cyron while he stayed in the air.

"Heavy Bullet Cannon!"

Cyron started to blast the bandits from the air, doing a whole damage to the crowd. Meanwhile, Keisha was using her live hair to whip, lash, and toss bandits into Cyron's line of fire. The duo was able to do quite a bit of damage upon arrival, and left a lot of bandits on the ground hurt.

"Took y'all long enough!" RPJ yelled angrily.

"Whoa whoa whoa whoa," Cyron said, "what you need to do is be appreciative of the help you got."

"Cyron, please," Keisha said, "if you had analyzed correctly the first time and stopped looking at girls, we'd have been here much earlier."

"Exposed," Marko said. "But we're good, all things considered... so you called in the union of Team Ultimate?"

"Well, I thought Untouchable X would be good enough. But this shit is ridiculous."

"Indeed. Smart move."

Cyron landed, giving Keisha a dirty look due to his exposure. He then looked at Convict, and noticed that he was not normal.

"What happened to him?"

"Yeah, you are slipping," Marko teased. "If you analyzed him, you'd know he's suffering from a concussion."

Cyron shook his head, disappointed in Convict's status. He walked up to him, looked at him a bit, and then slapped him in a specific spot on the back of his head.

"Dude!" RPJ yelled angrily. "He's concussed! Why are you trying to knock him out?"

"Knock who out?" Convict said.

"He's fine now," Cyron said. "Thanks for assuming that I'm an idiot."

"Well, if the memory chips fits," Keisha taunted.

This made Marko and RPJ laugh while Convict was still confused as to what was going on.

Suddenly, they all started to hear motorcycles.

"Shit... they're coming," Marko said. "Those fucking motorcyclists I left behind."

Just as Marko finished his statement, six building exploded at the same time.

"Whoa!" Keisha said. "What was that?"

"Those red bomber dudes," Marko explained. "They've been blowing buildings for what is currently an unknown reason... and look in the air... here they come now."

Team Ultimate was slowly but surely being surrounded by all of the King's henchmen. The motorcyclists were rolling in, more bandits were showing up, and the red bombers were exploding onto the scene. Throughout the entire mess that surrounded Team Ultimate, Jack and Ace found their way to the center of the stage before Team Ultimate.

"Well look at this, you got a little more help, huh?" Jack said.

"Yeah. A little." Marko replied.

"Well, as you can see, we got a lot."

"Yes, I can see that."

"So I already know that you're not going down without a fight. And that's perfectly fine, because as you can see, we have a cool little unwinnable fight ready ready for you and your friends!"

Marko looked at Team Ultimate, and Team Ultimate looked back at him.

"So guys, we got an unwinnable fight on our hands," Marko announced. "You guys ready to win it anyway?"

"Fuck yeah." they all said in unison.

to be continued...


So I know this is part 5, but this might actually be the real beginning of the story lol. 
It's all action packed goodness from here on out. 
But please, for the love of god, don't expect any character development... I'm saving that for the actual series, okay? Okay?

It feels good to write Team Ultimate shit again.

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