July 7, 2012

Immediate Future of Writing

There are exactly two things that I must blog about really fucking soon:

1) FaceBook and Booty. (dealing remotely with what FaceBook's sharing abilities and such, but moreso my friendly censorship...)
2) Marvel vs. Capcom Origins (I don't think people fully understand what's going to happen when that game comes out...)

I'm gonna gun for doing those on Tuesday.

The Random Adventure is still on. Hopefully I'll continue that tomorrow.

And there's another story I'm a do after this, but before the work related one... and it's gonna require the old school fighting style... yeah boy.

And then I ordered my new laptop, so when that gets here, I'll probably FINALLY start writing the Marko Man series.

<o> \o/ YES!

<o> \o/ YES!

<o> \o/ YES!

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