July 20, 2012

When Inspiration Hits...

So I'm on FaceBook and I see the following:

NaNoWriMo: Friday writing prompt: the dialogue wars. Dun dun DUN. Our summer fund drive obviously took a little inspiration from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, but there are so many epic contests and competitions in literature! Take your favorite character (your own creation or not!) and give us a sample of his best trash talk.

And this is what I come up with...


‎"Look at you," King said. "On your knees. Just like you're supposed to be when you're in my presence. You swore up and down that you would take me down, but now, here we are, in the moment, and the only that's down is you... pathetic."

Mark tried to get up, but King smacked him with his saber, keep him on the ground.

"Stay on the ground dog. You do not deserve to have feet. You are a peasant. Nothing more. Nothing less."

Mark turned his head towards King.

"A peasant?"

"Yes. I did not stutter. You are a peasant. Even if by some unlikely chance you were to defeat me, you'd still follow rules, you'd still do things under the influence of others. Ruled by rules, by law, by morals, by things you did not create, by things that you could become more than. I, on the other hand, am above all those things. I create the rules. I'm above the law. I don't care for morals. And that is why I am King."

Mark made another attempt to get up, and King swung his staff once again, but this time, Mark grabbed it before it could hit him.

"So that's what you think?" Mark said, continuing to get up his King's staff in his grasp. "You think I'm below the rules and the laws and the morals that I fight for? You think I don't know my power?"

King struggled to regain control of his staff from Mark.

"You're wrong! I know my power! I know where I stand! I can hurt and kill and rule people just like you, coward. But I'm not a coward. I choose to fight for the rules. I choose to fight for the law, for the morals. But was that your choice, coward? Did you choose to rise above the law, or was that a reaction based on fear?"

The word fear struck a nerve in King. He quickly yanked the staff out of Mark's hands and struck him in the face with it, knocking Mark back on the ground.

"Fear of what? Fear of these powerless peons that you choose to fight for?"

"Fear of what these 'powerless peons' represent! If they're so powerless, why bother killing them?"

King slammed the staff across Mark's back, dropping him flat on the ground.

"Because I can."


I'm not even sure this has anything to do with the prompt anymore lolol

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