July 23, 2012

A Random Adventure Within My Mind Part 7

Marko landed from his flight, courtesy of Cyron, and he took off running. He felt as though he didn't have much time considering the huge numbers against him, and he really wanted to bring this fight to an end somehow, but he still have an idea much better than beat Jack and Ace up to the point that they'll stop the fighting. He was still going to go for it.

As he ran, he saw Jack and Ace sitting on a stairway that led into a random building. They looked and they noticed Marko coming, prompting them to get up on their feet.

"Whoa," Jack said. "How did you even get here?"

Marko came to a stop before the duo.

"I got to the top of the world, then I had some help coming back down."

"Dude. You left your team. Why? Plan on surrendering?"

"Actually, I was hoping that you guys would do the surrendering and stop this."

Jack and Ace looked at each other, then they bust out laughing. Marko already knew that the idea was ridiculous in context, but their laughter still angered him.

"Marko Man," Ace said after laughing, "you can't be serious."

"Oh, but I am. And I will gladly beat the both you into a bloody pulp until you call an end to all of this."

Jack and Ace saw that Marko was completely serious about trying to stop the massive fighting against his team, so the smiles disappeared.

"You're gonna beat us into a bloody pulp? I dare you to try."

"I didn't need to be dared."

Marko ran towards Jack. He threw a punch when he was close enough, which was blocked. Ace came in, trying to retaliate with a swing of his club, but Marko avoided the obvious attack by ducking, and Ace ended up hitting Jack in the face. Marko hit Jack with a Mega Kick, knocking him to the ground, then he moved towards him to stomp on him. Marko stomped on his face three times before Ace ran at him, trying to hit him with the club again. Marko took the club to the back, stumbling over Jack while turning around to face Ace. Ace jumped over Jack and tried to smash the club over the top of Marko's head as he landed. Marko side stepped the club and countered with a jab, that was followed up with five punches and two spin kicks, followed by an uppercut that knocked Ace into the air. He was about to jump into the air to continue his attack, but Jack grabbed his foot, messing up his balance and having him drop to the ground.

Jack got up, still with Marko's foot in his hand, then he took out his club. He was trying to hit Marko's leg, but his free leg kicked Jack away. Marko quickly got up and had to avoid attacks from Ace. As Marko avoided punches, kicks, and club swings from Ace, he noticed that Jack was aiming his club at Marko to fire lasers. Jack started firing, sure that he would hit Marko, but he grabbed Ace and pulled him into the line of fire while he moved out the way. The blast hit Ace, and Marko followed up with a punch, punch, Mega Kick combo, knocking Ace down.

Jack got angry at Marko's ability to avoid the attack, so he charged at him, firing more blasts from his club. Marko avoided the blasts while moving towards Jack. When they were close enough, Jack tried to hit Marko with the club, and he dodged it and countered with yet another Mega Kick, knocking him down.

Marko turned around and saw Ace rushing towards him, trying to get in a sneak attack. He quickly fired a Bazooka Blast at him, and it connected, sending him flying. Marko turned his attention back to Jack, who was in the process of getting back on his feet. Marko Blaze Dashed into him, knocking him back on the ground in a roll. Marko continued the pressure by jumping and landing an elbow drop on Jack's face, then he applied a headlock and started wailing on Jack's head. The whole time, he was watching Ace, who was running towards Marko again, and this time he was very angry.

Marko continued to punch Jack in his face until Ace was close enough, then he fired a Megodoken at him, adjusting his course. This gave Marko time to get up, but Ace was able to still get in the first move between them and get some offensive in. He kept his club swinging quick and precise, knowing that Marko would be able to avoid the majority of his attacks and not wanting him to be able to counter with ease. Marko dodged every attack, but Ace suddenly fired a blast at Marko and it connected, knocking him down to the ground.

Ace immediately rushed at the downed Marko, and he tried to slam the club into his legs. Marko moved his legs and kicked Ace in the face, and then got up in a spinning motion immediately after the kick. This gave Ace time to recover quickly enough to block the punches that Marko threw at him. As Marko kept throwing punches, Jack was able to get up.

"Marko Man!" Jack yelled.

That was just enough distraction to get him to stop throwing punches. Ace immediately swung the club and hit Marko in the face, knocking him down after a mean spin. Ace immediately grabbed Marko and picked him up so that Jack could get in free hits. Jack walked over towards him nonchalantly, believing that Marko was finished at this point.

"So you wanna stomp people out?" Jack taunted, pulling out his club. "You wanna try and beat people's face in? Well, trying implies failure, and you failed! Now here's your booby prize!"

"Mega Kick!"

Before Jack could even swing the club, Marko was able to get his foot up high enough to Mega Kick Jack in the face and knocking him into the air. As Jack was on his face down, Ace took Marko and tossed him towards the nearest building. Marko braced himself for the impact against the wall as Ace was charging towards him. Ace ran at him, elbow first, but Marko moved out of the way at the last minute, and Ace's elbow hit the wall and nothing else. Marko gave Ace a Mega Kick to his back, pinning him to the wall, then he followed up with a Bazooka Blast that sent Ace through the wall.

Marko immediately looked towards Jack, who was definitely hurt as evidenced by how long it was taking him to get up. Marko ran towards him and he Mega Kicked him in the side of his head. He rolled along the ground for a quite a distance before he stopped, but Marko ran to keep up with him. He grabbed Jack's leg and quickly dragged him towards another random building, then using his all his strength, he picked him up and flung him into a wall. Marko followed up the toss with a Bazooka Blast that connected for free and sent Jack into the building. Marko ran into the hole that he created with Jack and the Bazooka Blast and found Jack laying on top of a pile of rubble. Marko grabbed one of the bricks and tossed it at Jack's face as he got up. It smacked him with a sickening thud, and Marko immediately followed up the brick toss with a heavy punch to the face. The punch led him to find himself mounted on top of Jack, so he just wailed on him with punch after punch after punch.

"Hey... guy!" Marko taunted, with every word followed by a punch. "You... wanna... stop... this... fight... yet?"

Marko suddenly felt the ground tremble slightly. He delivered a few more punches, but the trembling was getting stronger with each pulse. He looked back and he saw someone big walking towards the hole. He hopped off of Jack and ran towards the hole, and he saw Project, who was bigger than ever, with Ace by his side.

"So Marko," Ace said, "remember when I said that this fight was unwinnable? Well guess what? It just got much more unwinnable!"

"Whoa," Marko said, "am I supposed to be scared or something?"

"Considering that you ran away from me and I wasn't even this big," Project said, "the answer is yes."

Inside, Marko was definitely quite worried about what could happen, because Project was definitely much bigger than the last time he saw him, and the last time he saw he had already grew from his original size.

"Fuck this," Marko said, running towards Project.

As Marko got close, Project stepped forward and tried to punch Marko in his face. Marko slid under his fist, ending up just under his chest and his chin, and he got up, jumped, and connected a Mega Kick to Project's big chin. It knocked him upright a bit, but hardly did damage enough to make Project worry. Ace stepped back, sure that Project would be able to handle Marko on his own since that's what he was designed to do.

Project tried to grab Marko, but Marko jumped up again to avoid the grab and Mega Kicked him in his chin in a backwards motion to try and create space. Project's chin was rocked a bit, but Project didn't even move. Marko continued to move backwards when he landed, and he fired a Bazooka Blast, which Project grabbed and crushed into nothingness. That ability surprised Marko, but he kept his eyes on Project as he rushed towards him. Project threw huge punches when he was close enough, but Marko was quick enough to dodge the punches without much problem. Marko was able to connect a few punches and kicks in between Project's attacks, but they were doing very little damage and they weren't keeping Project from attacking at all.

"Marko Man!" Ace yelled. "Take this!"

Marko took a split second to look at Ace, who was just standing there. Meanwhile, Marko took a huge punch from Project that sent him clear through a building and into the street on the other side of the building. He was down, wondering what kind of power just hit him. He felt the tremors in the ground, and he knew that Project was coming, so he quickly got up. Sure enough, Project was charging through the building, and he had a bunch of brick in his hands. He was tossing them at Marko while still running towards him, and Marko avoided the bricks, but wasn't even paying attenion to the fact that Project was coming towards him. When he was close enough, Project tried to smack him in the face with a brick, but Marko dodged it and countered with a Mega Kick out of desperation. The Mega Kick connected, but Marko was immediately sent down the street with a backhand from his left hand, flying down many blocks before skidding an incredible distance and then coming to a stop.

As Marko came to a stop, he found himself down near the rest of Team Ultimate, who was fending off the pressuring army of motorcyclists, bandits, and red bombers. His eyes met with Convict, and he quickly pulled him off the ground.

"Hey guys, look who I found."

Each member of the team took quick glimpses to see that Marko was located, and they continued to fight. They had come to the conclusion that they could locate Marko if they were able to get the large forces to pressure them into the general direction that Cyron had analyzed Marko would be in, and they ended up finding Marko early.

"What brought you in sliding on your ass anyway?" Convict asked after throwing a random bandit back into the crowd.

Marko looked at the battle ahead of Team Ultimate, then he looked back in the direction from which he came. The tremors were returning, which meant that Project was on his way down the street.


Marko pointed at Project, who was jogging down the street to catch back up to Marko Man. Convict looked and saw the sheer size of Project, and he nodded with a smirk on his face.

"Makes sense since you're only, like, a hundred pounds soaking wet," Convict said, stepping in front of Marko towards Project. "Step aside and watch a real heavyweight at work."

"I don't think he'll be coming by himself, fat ass."

"Well shit, I got back up too, right? Now stand aside and let me handle this juiced up jerk."

to be continued...


So I know it's been more than a week since the last time I wrote for this random adventure, but as you can see, I didn't forget about it. I've been busy. Life happens.

Anyway, as you can see, we have Team Ultimate back again, but all of the forces are about to collide. This probably isn't going to be pretty. Stay tuned.

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