July 31, 2012

A Random Adventure Within My Mind Part 9

Project, Jack, Ace, and all of the motorcyclists, bandits, and red bombers bowed down before their King and Queen. Meanwhile, Team Ultimate stayed on their feet, bowing to no one.

"Fools!" King said. "Why do you not bow before your King?"

"Because we don't have a king," Marko spoke.

"Disrespectful fools..."

"You haven't earned a lick of respect."

King looked at Team Ultimate with disgust, truly upset that they did not bow before him.

"It is clear that you do not know my power," King said. "If you did, you would kneel, and you would show respect, and for your heinous actions, you would beg for mercy."

"You sent a million mother fuckers to try and kill me... kill us, and they couldn't do it. And now you think we're supposed to fear and respect your 'power?' Please."

"Ahhh, I get it... you don't truly understand the full extend of my power. You don't even understand why 'a million mother fuckers' were sent to kill you. You probably don't even know why I was setting off explosions... you know nothing. And your ignorance will be your downfall."

"Oh really? Well save me, ol' great King! Save me from ignorance! Enlighten me! Please!"

Marko's sarcasm did not amuse King.

"Since it's way too late for you to do anything about anything and I'm going to kill you all anyway, I might as well tell you what's going on... you see... the explosions have two purposes... killing people to obtain their souls, and putting those who survive in panic. And what do I do with those souls? I control them. I manipulate them. I put them in whatever vessel I want for my own use. Some souls are stronger than others, hench is the case with Jack and Ace. And Project is a special case... a vessel that can hold more than one soul, and therefore strengthened with every added soul. Right now, he's at eight souls."

The story that King told Team Ultimate blew their minds.

"So that's why they called me in... but I had no idea..."

"Of course you had no idea!" King continued. "You weren't supposed to have an idea. You were supposed to die, simple as that. But apparently I have underestimated you. Your soul is not only stronger than I originally thought, but it is very resourceful... resourceful enough that you managed to bring four more souls for my consumption!"

"Wait a second," Convict said, stepping up, "you ain't consuming anymore souls busta."

"Still, you have no idea..."

King held his staff up into the air, and the top end of it revealed a white jewel that immediately started to glow.

"Queen, Jack, Ace, Project, and all of my subjects! Lend me your souls to crush these pathetic peasants and their souls to my collection!"

A white aura was generated from Queen, Jack, Ace, and Project. It seemed to seep out of them and into the white jewel, and then they fell lifelessly to the floor. White auras were also generated from all the motorcyclists, the bandits, and the red bombers from near and far, and they were all seeping out of them and finding their way into the King's staff. They were all falling to the floor as well. With each absorbed soul, King was growing more powerful, and Team Ultimate could tell.

"Ummm... perhaps we should try and stop this," RPJ suggested.

"Doesn't matter," Cyron said, "the soul absorption would continue until it is complete."

"Then perhaps we can still hurt him before he's finished," Convict said, charging at King. He jumped and punched King in the face, and it knocked him down, but he still had the staff in his hand, and it was still absorbing souls. He quickly got up with an evil grin on his face, and Convict once again charged at him. This time, King swung the staff at him and sent him to the ground, all the while still absorbing souls.

"You can't stop me, peons!" King said. "Kneel before your master and maybe I will show you mercy!"

"Fuck outta here," Marko said. "Bazooka Blast!"

Marko fired the attack at King, and he knocked it into the ground with a downward swing of his staff.

"You're powerless against me...ahhhh... almost complete!"

Convict got up, and he was ready to attack again, but King flashed. After the flash, he was even bigger, and his staff and his crown was different.

"On your knees, dog."

King swung the staff and sent Convict flying before he landed on his back. The rest of the team looked Convict, then at King. Marko also took time to notice all of the King's subjects that were lying down on the ground with no life in them.

"You coward..."

Marko stepped forward slowly.

"It's one thing to have a team, but you killed innocent lives for your own personal greed? And to what? To rule what?"

"To have complete and utter control of all souls!"

King fired a blast at Marko, but he jumped up to dodge it.

"Well, you're not getting my soul!"

Marko landed and ran towards King.

"And if I can do something about it, I'll let all of these people get their souls back! Mega Kick!"

Marko went for the Mega Kick, but King swung his staff and knocked him down to the ground.

"Bow down, or die!"

Marko was getting up, but RPJ and Cyron decided to get in some action, with RPJ running at King ready to attack while Cyron provided cover with a Bullet Cannon volley. RPJ jumped off of Marko's back, getting extra height than King expected him to get, and he took a drop kick to his face. This led to King getting hit with blasts from Cyron. As the shots were hitting him and kept King off balance, Keisha stepped up herself and had her hair wrap King's leg up. Convict was up by now, and he charged King, wrapping himself around the back of his neck to choke him out. Marko got up, and he started to charge up a Bazooka Blast.

"I'm sorry," King said, "but is this supposed to defeat me?"

King fired a blast at Marko before he could finish charging up his attack. He launched the Bazooka Blast early, but it lost easily to King's blast and hit him, hurting him and leaving on the ground. He then swung the staff to hit Convict off his back, then used the staff to pluck at Keisha's hair, which knocked her in the air then back to the ground. He spun around to ravel the hair around his legs and bring Keisha closer. Cyron saw this, so he charged in to try and save her, but Cyron took a blast from King's staff, knocking him out of the air and on the ground. Keisha decided to release her hair's grip, but by that point, she was too close and King smashed her to the ground with the staff.

RPJ decided to pull out his RPBat to content directly with King's staff. He ran at King, ready for any kind of attack from him. King fired a blast at him, and RPJ swung his bat to knock the blast back to King, but the blast exploded on contact, knocking him to the ground.

Marko and Convict got up around the same time, and Convict decided to charge in, albeit a bit more slowly this time so that he could see an attack coming. Marko ran behind him a bit before Blaze Dashing into King, but the attack wasn't very effective. King retaliated by swinging the staff at Marko, but he managed to duck under the swing, and this gave Convict the chance to grab King. Marko jumped up and connected a Mega Kick to King's face while Convict had him in his grasp. Convict jumped up and tried to slam King on the ground, but King took off flying, having Convict lose all control but still maintaining his hold.

Cyron looked up and saw King flying in the air with Convict holding on. King decided to smash his staff against Convict as hard as he could, but Convict was still holding on. Cyron took flight, hoping to try and give Convict help, but King saw him coming and changed the direction of his flight by going up. Cyron chased King, going up as high as he could.

Marko looked up, wondering why they were going so high.

"Keisha, mind giving me a boost?"

Keisha was pretty hurt, but she still had enough in her to use her hair to launch Marko up in the air, so she nodded. She grabbed him with her hair, then launched him up high to try and meet up with King, Convict, and Cyron. As Marko was launched, Cyron noticed Marko was going up, so he flew to catch him and give him a ride. He caught Marko and had him on his extended shoulders, and they flew towards King.

"What are you planning to do?" Cyron asked.

"Kill him," Marko responded.

"Yeah, but how?"

"I dunno yet... maybe beat his ass?"

"I have a good feeling that it won't be that simple."

"Shut up and get him."

Cyron increased the speed of his flight, catching up to King, who still had Convict on his back.

"Mega Kick!"

Marko jumped off of Cyron to fly at King and try to Mega Kick him. King was able to spin around and hit Marko, knocking him out of his Mega Kick and have him fall back to the earth from quite the height. Cyron dived down, knowing that he had to catch Marko or he would have been quite hurt from the impact of the fall, but King spun three more times before firing a blast at Cyron that he wasn't paying attention to. The blast hit Cyron, and now he was on the way to the ground via pain. King kept spinning, and Convict started to get dizzy, so he smashed the staff on his back on last time, and this hit knocked the dizzied Convict off of him and he started to fall as well.

RPJ and Keisha were looking up, and they saw that Marko, Cyron, and Convict were falling.

"Who catches who?" RPJ asked.

"You stick to the lightweight," Keisha said, "my hair should be able to catch Convict and Cyron pretty easily actually."


RPJ and Keisha waited as their teammate plummeted towards the ground. Suddenly, King appeared in between them using a teleport. He hit Keisha with the staff, knocking her down, and he blasted RPJ down with a powerful shot. With both RPJ and Keisha down, Marko, Cyron, and Convict hit the ground hard.

"HA!" King said. "You fools are feeling pain that you don't have to feel! Hail the king, and I will make great use of your souls!"

But Marko somehow managed to land on his feet.

"When we're done here, the souls that you have stolen will soon rest in peace," Marko determined. "Your soul, on the other hand, will burn in hell!"

"Interesting... you said 'we're,' implying you and some other people. But those 'other people' are down right now."

Marko looked and saw that his team was down and hurting at the moment.

"Okay, so I'll run interference. Megodoken!"

Marko fired a Megodoken at the King, and it was swiped away with the staff. King returned fire with a few blasts sent Marko's way, and he dodged all the blasts, making his moves towards the King. After the missed shots, Marko jogged towards King, and King tried to hit him with the staff. Marko ducked under the staff and countered with a jumping uppercut to King's chin. He landed and King tried to hit him with the staff once again. Marko jumped over the staff and connected a Mega Kick that knocked King back a bit, but King was still barely hurt. King teleported to the air, then he dived down trying to smash the staff over the top of Marko's head, but the attack was sidestepped and Marko jumped up to connect another Mega Kick, which was followed up immediately with a Bazooka Blast. The Bazooka Blast hit, but still, King wasn't hurt much at all. He immediately swiped at Marko and sent him flying before he hit a wall. King flew towards Marko, with the staff glowing, and he hit Marko again, this time sending him through the wall and into the building.

King flew up into the air, the staff still glowing.

"And it looks like the first soul I will taking is yours!" King announced. "All I have to do is crush you current vessel and it will be mine!"

"Negative. Charged Cannon!"

Cyron was up and he fired a charged up blast at King. It connected, but there was still very little damage done to King. He redirected his attention towards Cyron, and fired off the blast that he had ready for the building to crush Marko. Cyron dodged the attack, then he fired a few shots from the Bullet Cannon attack. These blasts hardly did anything as King fired off more blasts, forcing Cyron to stop firing and avoid the attacks.

Marko hopped out of the building with a look of determination. He saw that the rest of his team was coming to, so he ran to RPJ.

"Yo, I need you guys to run interference," he told him. "I have an idea."

"Okay, but dude. We're fucking hurt."

"So am I. But we're about to end this. Keisha, come with me."

RPJ and Convict rushed in to get King's attention by jumping towards him while Cyron had his undivided attention. Meanwhile, Marko led Keisha to a random, yet seemingly specific spot.

"Okay, after I fire a Bazooka Blast, I'm going to need to grab the staff."

"... yeah, that makes sense. Smart move. Okay. After the Bazooka Blast."


Marko moved once again as Cyron, RPJ, and Convict were dodging attacks from King, who was teleporting all over the place to try and hit the trio.

I'm going to need him to stop that, Marko thought.

Marko waited a bit, and when King found himself on the ground, Marko did a Blaze Dash, running into King, but it only stunned him for a moment. He turned around to try and hit Marko, but he dodged the attack  without trying to counter, just standing there. This led to Convict grabbing King from behind and tossing him into the air. Once he was airborne, Cyron launched a Heavy Bullet Cannon, hoping to do some kind of damage, but King soon gained control of his flight while still getting hit with the blasts.

"Fuck it," Marko said, "Bazooka Blast!"

Marko launched the Bazooka Blast. It connected, but all it really did was turn King around and further his frustration. That's when Keisha's hair went into action, flying up to grab King's staff. She had it, but King wasn't just going to let go of the staff. He pulled on it, but Marko jumped up to him and connected a Mega Kick to his hand, which almost loosened his grip enough. Convict immediately jumped afterwards and delivered a hard punch to the back of King's head, which was enough to knock the crown off of King's head as well as knock the staff out of his hand.

As Keisha reeled the staff in, King fell to the ground. Marko walked over to Keisha to hold the staff and smiled in victory.

"Annnnnd you're done," Marko announced. "Good shit guys. This is why we're Team Ultimate."

King got up off the ground, looking at Marko hold his staff while Cyron, RPJ, and Convict grouped around Marko and Keisha, standing before King in victory. King looked around and he saw his crown. He put the crown back on and he held his hand out. The staff started to glow, then it magically disappeared out of Marko's hand and back into his. This move blew Team Ultimate's mind.

"You guys are really, really good," King said. "I am really impressed with how you guys handle things. But now, I see I can no longer hold back..."

to be continued...


King is about to pull out all the stops.
August is right around the corner.
I think that it is time to end this... and there's only one way to end this... as epicly as possible.

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