July 13, 2012

A Random Adventure Within My Mind Part 6

 Jack and Ace didn't even mentally flinch at Team Ultimate's unified confidence, since they still had a much larger army. They smiled right along with the members of Team Ultimate, returning the confidence.

"You're toast," Ace said. "Attack! And kill!"

"No problem," Marko said.

Just as a red bomber jumped over Jack and Ace to attack Team Ultimate, Marko jumped at the red bomber to attack back. He was able to deliver the first attack with a Mega Kick that sent the red bomber back towards Jack and Ace, and they had to dodge the flying red bomber. Marko landed, and he continued forward as though he wanted to attack Jack and Ace, but a bunch of motorcyclists with clubs in hand charged in front of them to attack. Cyron flew into the air and provided cover with a Bullet Cannon attack, rapidly firing at the motorcyclists. This allowed RPJ, Convict, and Keisha to press forward and initiate their attacks.

Marko kept on attacking whoever got in his way with punches, kicks, Mega Kicks, and Megodokens. He was taking down motorcyclists and red bombers with no problem with his attacks. Soon, RPJ, Convict, and Keisha caught up with him to give him extra cover as Cyron landed in the middle of the fray and was blasting away at the hordes of enemies.

The enemies kept coming, and Team Ultimate kept knocking them down. As effective as Team Ultimate was at taking the enemies down, they really weren't actually doing anything in the grand scheme of things, but they didn't seem to notice this at first. They were having plenty of fun just taking out motorcyclists, bandits, and red bombers. Marko and RPJ were teaming up to taking down huge amounts of enemies with the Bazooka Blast-Solo Shot combination. Convict used Keisha's hair to swing her around like a large mace ball as she kicked multiple enemies in their face. Cyron kept blasting to keep enemies at bay, and when Convict released Keisha into the crowd, Cyron charged into the crowd that tried to surround her, blasting while their focus was diverted. Once he got to her, he sent blasts towards Keisha, while she used her hair to send the blasts in random direction, taking down a wide radius of enemies.

Marko and RPJ soon found themselves teaming up with Convict, as he would toss enemies towards them while they attacked them, either with Mega Kick or Solo Shots, respectively. When the enemies tried to overwhelm Convict from behind, Marko opened things up with a Blaze Dash while RPJ cleaned up with his Static Shock kick. More kept coming at them, so RPJ used his Impact Clothesline to clear out a bigger area with the explosion that the attack caused. Marko followed up with a Bazooka Blast to clear out even more space, giving Convict more than enough room to charge towards enemies and line up a punch powerful enough to take down quite the line of them.

Marko looked around and noticed that the attacks from Keisha and Cyron were no longer as explosive, so he ran in their direction. He saw that they had been separated by the sheer number of enemies, so he attacked enemies as he moved towards Cyron. When he got close enough to him, he pointed in the direction of Keisha, and they proceeded to smash enemies as they made their move. With a few good Cannon Punches and Mega Kicks, they were near Keisha, who was sending enemies away with her hair. Marko and Keisha made eye contact and he pointed up, so she nodded. With her hair, she grabbed Cyron and Marko, and launched them high into the air.

"Heavy Bullet Cannon!"

"Bazooka Blast!"

Both Cyron and Marko rained down heavy destruction upon the crowds of enemies as they were tossed into the air. Cyron maintained his altitude, while Marko fell back down towards the ground. He launched another Bazooka Blast as he landed, to clear some room, then he launched yet another Bazooka Blast, this time at Keisha. She caught the blast with her hair, and she swung it around a bit, but made sure that no one hit it. With all the extra momentum, she sent the Bazooka Blast at Convict, who caught it and compressed the attack into an energy ball the size of a baseball. He pitched the blast at RPJ, who hit the ball with the RPBat into the air at Cyron. The ball went directly into Cyron's cannon, and Cyron started to glow. With Cyron's glowing, the rest of Team Ultimate started to take cover by running in the opposite direction that Cyron was aiming. He was charging up a bit, then he fired that blast out towards the enemies. They all dodged it, so the blast hit the ground, but the blast was so juiced up with power that the explosion was huge and killed more than enough enemies.

Or so they thought.

After the smoke cleared, all the dead enemies were seemingly instantly replaced with live, fresh ones. Team Ultimate saw how the numbers were easily replaced, and it kind of depleted them a bit, as that was one of their best team attacks.

"So, yeah... this isn't working," Keisha said, breaking the ice.

Everyone heard her, but no one said anything. Marko looked around, seeing all the enemies, then he looked into the sky, which was practically nothing but smoke and flames due to the buildings that had exploded.

There's probably more bombs, Marko thought. Yeah, let's use some of their resources. 

Marko took off running into the crowd. The rest of the team looked at him go, still willing to fight, but wishing that they had a plan, not knowing that Marko had a plan of some type in his head. Marko pressed ahead with Mega Kicks, but he wasn't trying to take everyone out. He was simply trying to clear a path to get to a building that hadn't exploded yet. Cyron gave him cover from above with his Bullet Cannon, and the rest of them pressed forward to attack the enemies that Marko missed, but Marko's movement was definitely swift and with purpose, as he was leaving his team behind. They had no idea what Marko was doing or what he was going for, but it was clear that he was leaving the fight for something, so they decided to not focus on him and continue their attack against the enemies.

After many Mega Kicks, Marko finally got to the building that he was trying to get to. He Mega Kicked the door open, and a few bandits tried to chase him. Marko turned around and fired a Bazooka Blast at them as they tried to get through the door, and they all got hit in the bottleneck. Marko found the stairs and he ran up as fast as he could. As he sped up the stairs, he heard extra footsteps, and he just knew that someone was following him. He stopped at an unknown floor and saw that red bombers were chasing him, and to him, it seemed like they might have had an idea on what he was going for. Marko fought off the red bombers, knocking most of them back down the stairs with a Mega Kick and actually breaking one of their necks by tripping one of them up the stairs.

With the immediate wave of red bombers cleared, Marko continued his ascent up the stairs. Soon he got to the top floor and quickly looked around for roof access. He found nothing, so he climbed out of a window and carefully scaled to the top of the window, from which he double jumped to the roof's ledge. He grabbed it and climbed up, then he looked around. It didn't take him long to find the bomb so he ran to it and carefully grabbed it. He walked towards the ledge of the roof and looked down, seeing the sheer numbers of enemies that they had to deal with.

Wow, he was right. This was an unwinnable fight. Guess we just aren't going to win this one.

Marko tossed the bomb off the roof and towards the ground with all the enemies.

But perhaps I can make this a no contest...

Marko watched as the bomb fell, and when it made contact with the ground, it blew up and killed everyone with the blast radius. This made Marko smile, so he Blaze Dashed to the opposite side of the roof and jumped to get the maximum distance in his jump, then he double jumped to get to another roof. He looked around and he saw another bomb, so he grabbed it, ran to the edge, and flung it off the roof haphazardly. Once again, the bomb fell down, hit the ground, and killed everyone that was around.

You know, I'm almost sure that Cyron would be much more effective as this since he can fly and I can't... where is he?

Marko looked around and he saw Cyron in the air but in the distance, trying to analyze the explosions. Marko waved his hands in the air, trying to signal Cyron, and sure enough, Cyron started to fly towards him. Marko saw that some of the motorcyclists were trying to blast Cyron with the laser from their clubs, so Marko launched a Bazooka Blast at them from long distance, giving Cyron cover as he flew towards him. Cyron decided to move faster, and he was able to get to Marko in no time after that.

"That was you dropping those bombs?!"

"Yes. Yes it was. But then I came up with a better idea. You drop the bombs."


"Yes. Since you can fly, and you can probably analyze the position of the bombs better than I can, this job is perfect for you."

"I guess, but that doesn't mean we're going to destroy each and every last one of these guys. Nor does it mean we solve the problem with the bombs."

"Well, I'm not trying to win this fight anymore. I'm trying to make it a no contest. Speaking of that, I'm going to need some favors from you."

"Uhh... okay..."

"First, I need to know the locations of Jack and Ace."


"The two guys that were talking shit after we united but before we attacked all these things."

"Oh. Okay..."

Cyron analyzed the location of Jack and Ace and found them in a pretty distance area away from all the fighting.

"Yeah, over there somewhere... they moved pretty fast considering the traffic."

"Okay, good. For my other two favors, drop bombs, and tell the rest of the team to relax... Don't fight to win, fight simply to survive. I get the feeling that this fight really is going to end soon, only to lead to another one."


Cyron was about to fly off towards the nearest bomb.



"Can you give me a boost?"

Cyron smiled and nodded. "Affirmative."

Cyron grabbed Marko and took off flying towards the roof that had the nearest bomb in it. He then used his cannon arm, added a bit more energy, and sent Marko flying towards where Jack and Ace were located.

"Good luck Marko!" Cyron yelled as Marko flew. "You're probably going to need it!"

Marko heard what Cyron said, and it slightly dampened his mood.

Silly robot. I didn't want or need your undercover analysis...

to be continued...


And just like that, we go from having Team Ultimate unite to having Marko back on his own. The team's not done yet, obviously, as there is still plenty of fighting left to do.

I can say now that I at least know what general direction this story is headed, but hopefully, I can surprise myself with something outrageous. If I keep the music flowing and keep letting work frustrate me on the low (lol), then maybe I will, in fact, surprise myself.

Only time will tell... see you next time!

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