July 1, 2012

A Random Adventure Within My Mind Part 3

Marko was surrounded by a lot of motorcyclists just like Jack and Ace. They hopped off their motorcycles, revealed clubs, and were ready to take Marko down.

"This ends here Marko Man!" Ace said. "Attack!"

"Okay. Blaze Dash!"

Marko used Blaze Dash to quickly hit one of the motorcyclists before they could attack him. He knocked him down to the ground, then he quickly ran to another one and Mega Kicked him into the air. By that time, the motorcyclists decided to fight back, and they charged at Marko, swinging their clubs. Marko was able to dodge the attacks that were made at him, but because they were so numerous, finding an opening was pretty much impossible.

Marko was dodging club shots all over the place, being sure to not get hit, but he knew that he either had to come up with some kind of offense or some kind of escape plan. He dodged one particularly wild club swing which gave him a little bit more room to breathe, then he used Blaze Dash to try and escape the crowd. He ended up near one of the motorcyclists, and Mega Kicked him to the ground. Marko looked around quickly, seeing that the motorcyclists were quickly moving towards him. He also saw that their motorcycles were vacant, and decided that the way to go at this point was via motorcycle.

Marko boldly charged back towards the motorcyclists. They thought that Marko's move was dumb and showed no signs of backing down because they had the edge in numbers. Marko stopped momentarily and charged up a Bazooka Blast as the motorcyclists continued to attack him. Marko fired the Bazooka Blast and it hit quite a few of them, which managed to clear a path for him. He Blaze Dashed through the path that was created, and he was near the motorcycles. He hopped on one, and looked around its dashboard, hoping for a quick shot at ignition.

"Cool, a key," Marko said. "This needs to work."

Marko turned the key and the motorcycle turned on.

"So if this is just like riding a bike, then I should have no problem doing this."

Marko accelerated a bit, as he had never been on a motorcycle before, though he had rode plenty of bikes. He took off faster than he expected to, but he still was relatively slow and still managed to gain control.

"This fool took one of our motorcycles," Jack said. "Okay. He really wants to die."

"Then let's kill him," Ace said with a sick smile on his face.

Ace and Jack got on their motorcycles, and all but one of the motorcyclist were able to follow suit. Every motorcyclist on a motorcycle started to chase Marko except one. He went in the complete opposite direction.

Meanwhile, Marko was making good ground, but the ground he was making would soon to prove not good enough. He started to hear the motorcycles coming up from behind him. He looked and cursed under his breath, then he decided to test the waters of his own rookie motorcycle skills by accelerating. He was slowly going faster and faster, but the motorcyclists were still move fast enough to catch up to Marko.

"Surrender!" Ace yelled. "You're going to die, so you might as well make it easy on yourself."

Marko waved his hand as though he didn't want the product that Ace was selling.

"Suit yourself."

Ace aimed the club at Marko and started to fire lasers. Marko saw Ace aiming at him through the rear view mirrors, so he was able to change lanes to avoid the shots. However, he was losing stability by dodging the lasers, as he was going much faster than he knew how to control.

This isn't going to work, Marko thought. I'm a end up as road kill at this rate. Speaking of which, I need to find those two already... 

Marko kept dodging shots from Ace, but the lasers were getting more numerous, as more motorcyclists were joining in on the shoot at Marko Man game. Marko looked behind him to see the lasers, and he looked in front of him and saw slight incline in the road ahead.

Okay, I have a stupid idea then.

Marko immediately cranked up the motorcycle to max acceleration, and took off. He kept the motorcycle as steady as he could, but he was losing control. Ace and Jack watched as Marko looked like he was about to put himself in all kind of trouble, when suddenly, the motorcycle Marko was on flew into the air. Marko jumped off the bike, flying at a pretty ridiculous speed, and fired a Bazooka Blast towards the motorcyclists that were coming up on the ramp themselves. Marko managed to hit the ground, but the explosion was able to cause all kinds of discombobulation for the motorcyclists, and they were all flying off their bikes as they hit the ramp.

Marko landed on his feet, barely, and he quickly dodged into some kind of alley as the motorcyclists. He pulled out his phone and called his friend RPJ.


"Yo!" Marko said when RPJ answered. "Where you at?"

"In the same city you in. Convict and I were trying to help you out."

"Okay cool. So where you at?"

"I don't know. You know I suck at directions and stuff."

"Fine. Well just come to me. I'm by-"

"Dude, we're kinda busy. Well, I mean, right now, I'm watching Convict get smacked, but he can only take but so much damage and whatnot... Who am I kidding I can watch this all day."

"Wait, what? Who... what are you doing?"

"We're fighting some... oh snap... later, gotta go."

RPJ hung up on Marko as the rest of the motorcyclists started to recover from Marko's latest stunt.

to be continued...


So in case you're wondering, this randomly generated story is practically being randomly generated based on the music that is randomly played by my mp3 player. I do skip songs that don't fit the mood I'm trying to capture (for example, this played, and just doesn't fit what I'm going for here) in favor of more action packed songs that inspire action packed scenes. 

Still have no idea what the ending looks like. So yeah. I'm having mad fun with this.

Ta ta for now.

When you came my way...
You brightened every day...
With your sweet smile...

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